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Steel shots for heat-treatment are one of the most prolific choices. To enhance the mechanical qualities of steel, shot peening and quenching and tempering techniques are frequently used in the parts manufacturing sector. Hence steel shots for heat treatment are one of the most profound choices. Among the others, steel shots for heat treatment are also a highly popular option. Due to their unique shape, steel shots stand out from the competition in terms of usefulness and cost-effectiveness.

Steel shots are mostly employed in tempering processes to increase the quality and durability of existing heat-treated items. The steel shots for heat-treated items automatically consider both the production cell and the manufacturing industries. After the heat treatment, it is periodically repeated to improve the surface polish. We also manufacture a vast series of blasting machines such as pressure blasting cabinets, Portable blasting machines, suction blasting cabinets, automatic sand blasting machine

Steel Shots Advantages 

  • Steel shots are one of the most spectacular grades of steel abrasive media used within the market. Steel shots offer a wide list of services in almost all fields of industries. 

  • Among all the different abrasives on the market, steel shots have one of the most magnificent designs. 

  • Their spherical form gives them exceptional durability and enables them to reach the largest surface areas of the corresponding workpieces. 

  • Steel shots make the entire shot blasting and shot peening process more than accessible and also decrease the additional energy wasted there. 

  • One of the best forms of environmentally friendly abrasive media is steel shots.

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Our steel shot price ranges are more than reasonable given the effective outcomes they produce in practically all expected industries. For stating results in the sandblasting industry, steel shots are more than effective. As a result, steel shots are an effective method for removing rust, sand, and corrosion from a variety of workpieces and car surfaces. Hence being such an amazing grade of use steel shots price is super pocket friendly. As a seasoned steel shot maker, we offer practically all of the necessary grades of steel shots, including S-230, S-280, S-460, and many others, depending on what our customers need. Our steel shot pricing is more than reasonable. For any details regarding our sand blasting safety equipment please visit our website. 

Steel Shots Specifications 

Steel shots grade  Steel shots sizes in (MM)

Steel shots - S70

Steel shots - S110

Steel shots - S170

Steel shots - S230

Steel shots - S280

Steel shots - S330

Steel shots - S390

Steel shots - S460

Steel shots - S550

Steel shots - S660

Steel shots - S780

Steel shots - S930













Steel Shots Applications 

  • Hard metals are successfully etched by Steel shots and are also used to improve the adherence of coatings such as paints, epoxy, enamel, and rubber. The shot works well for peening and deburring stampings and other fabrications. 

  • Its qualities make it ideal for cleaning corrosion from machinery and equipment surfaces. Cast steel shot is frequently used to deflash aluminum die castings and can get rid of the buildup of release agents on molds.

We also manufacture a vast range of other abrasives such as stainless steel shots, copper slag, abrasive garnet, cut wire shots, glass beads, and many others. 

Steel Shots in India 

Steel shots in India are a very popular as well as demanded product due to their cost-effective as well as super affordable nature within the industry. Steel shots are a product that offers excessive hardness within the supper smooth outcomes overall kind of workpieces. As time passes, it's possible to see that soft metals turn into hard metals and hard metals into soft metals, or that rust and corrosion may lead to faulty equipment, which has a negative impact on how many metals are worked with. Such a negative effect results in the low productivity that your metal tools and components may otherwise produce. Steel shots for heat treatment, on the other hand, may repair the metal's damaged or faulty state, appearing as good as new and enhancing your productivity. For any details regarding our thermal spray gun, metalizing spray gun, or arc spray gun please visit our website. 

Among all the steel shots manufacturers in the market, we are a leading name. One of Rajasthan's most well-known steel shot exporters is us. Every one of our products is affordably made in India. The equivalent technique is called grit blasting, which employs a very deep intent for the use of steel shots. The/ kind of steel shot used, though, makes a difference. Steel shots of considerable grade are abrasive materials of very prolific quality. It is often used to create abrasive materials and is red-hot. This grit has a steel grit-like appearance. We have a vast range of all grades of blasting machines such as grit blasting machine, pressure blasting cabinet, portable sand blasting machines, granite engraving machine,s and many others. 

Steel Shots Exporters 

We are one of the most profound steel shots exporters in the market within the specified image amongst all the profound exporters in the market. Steel shot has a specific diameter and is one of the smaller kinds of steel shot. Depending on the grade, these steel shots, which are exceedingly small, have a number of advantages and special purposes. Steel shots, in a variety of shapes and sizes, are spherical grains created by atomizing molten steel. For any details regarding our sand blasting safety equipment such as sand blasting helmet, blast hood, air breather, air filter and many others.