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5 H.P.

7.5 H.P.

10 H.P.

No of bags

04 NOS

04 NOS

04 NOS

Type bag

Fabric bags

Fabric bags

Fabric bags

Overall height

3000 mm

4000 mm

4900 mm

Overall width

1100 mm

2000 mm

2300 mm

Overall length

1800 mm

2000 mm

2300 mm

Dust Collector

Dust collector is a device that increases the quality of air by removing the impurities and other dust particles. The dust collector is designed to operate high volume dust loads. It is a collection of devices used to purify the air by removing particulate matter from the polluted air. An industrial dust collector is an air pollution control equipment and has several uses in factories, warehouses, and industries to meet environmental and workplace requirements. Its control, reduce, and remove harmful particulates and fumes from gases during the production and manufacturing. The dust collector objective is the same as the filter separate. Dust collector captures the dust in gases and after purifying release sanitized air.

Parts of Dust Collector

  • Blower.
  • Dust Filter.
  • Filter Cleaning System.
  • Dust Removal System.

Applications of Dust Collector

  • Woodworking & Agriculture.
  • Used in Food Processing Industry.
  • Recycling.
  • Cement and Rock Product Industries.
  • Minning.
  • Chemical Processing.

Types of Dust Collector

  • Fabric Filter Baghouse.
  • Inertial Separators (Mechanical, cyclones).
  • Cartridge Collectors.
  • Wet Scrubbers.
  • Electrostatic Precipitators.

Mainly we work on three types of dust collectors

  • Fabric Bag Filter Dust Collector.
  • Pleated Bag Filter Dust Collector.
  • Cyclone Type Dust Collector.

Fabric Bag Filter Dust Collector

Fabric bag dust collectors are more efficient than the other dust bag collectors. The filtration rate lies between 50 to 330 sq. feet.

Fabric Bag Filter Dust Collector's Working

The filtration of the bag is also called sleeves because of their narrow and round structure. When the filtration gets started it allows small dust to stick to their sides to fill the voids and to give them the optimal capacity of filtration. After use bags can be cleaned manually by mechanical shaking to remove the dust inside the filter bag then dust particles from the air are removed by means of a motor.

Pulse Jet

In this method filters are cylindrical enclose in metal housing after that dust enters through the bag center. When pressure and suction are delivered the polluted or dirty air in the hopper fine particles get collected on the bags after that clean air is passed into the atmosphere then high vibration pulse is provided to the filter with the help of that all dust particle is collected at the bottom and the filter cleaning process gets completed.

Pleated Bag Filter Dust Collector

The pleated bags contain retrofitted into the existing bag collector which increases the volume for air to pass through each bag. Due to its greater surface area, its air capacity is also high and they are made up of polyester. A pleated bag has a feature in which a PU flange is at the top & bottom and its inner core is made of metal. Pleated bag dust collector installation is very easy and its part is made of synthetic material and it prevents damage.

Pleated bag filter dust collector features

  • Installation is easy
  • Leakage proof
  • The filter area is larger
  • High dust load capacity
  • Highly efficient
  • Air consumption is less during the filtration process
  • Long life

Pleated bag filter dust collector Applications

  • Food industry (General)
  • Mining sectors
  • In Coal Transfer
  • Foundry shops
  • Tobacco
  • Cement plants

Pleated bag filter dust collector Advantages

  • Less downtime
  • Decrease compressed air usage
  • Operational savings
  • Smaller collectors

Cyclone Type Dust Collector

A cyclone type dust collector is the best economical solution for a wide range of dust collection problems. They have high dust load capacity and they can resist high contains a mechanical separator that uses centrifugal force to remove high volume dust. It can be used as a pre-filter.

Mainly cyclone type dust collector has two types such as single cyclone and dust collector.

Cyclone Type Dust Collector Working

The first air enters through the inlet and diverted by a helical baffle after that with the help of centrifugal force heavy-duty dust move through the interior sidewalls and carry them to the base. Clean air is taken by the inner cylinder and discharge into the atmosphere.

Cyclone Type Dust Collector Applications

  • Steel and cement plants
  • Petroleum coal plants
  • Cement plants

Cyclone Type Dust Collector Advantages

  • It has a longer filter life.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Can operate in a difficult application.
  • More clearing rate.

Manufacturer of Dust Collectors

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