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Machine Type Shot Blasting Machine
Automatic Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Weight 1000 kg
Volume 284 liters
Compressed Air Requirement 250 cfm
Height 1610 mm
Orifice 10 mm
Abrasive Size 12-80 mm


What is Shot Blasting?

In this method, the role of the shot is to get rid of impurities, rust, scattered pieces of rubbish, or remains which will affect metal strength. it's environment friendly and a rapid, cost-effective surface finishing method which is employed for cleaning, polishing metal and other surfaces by applying a high-speed stream of shots. This blasting method also has numerous uses where it can remove rigid plights, burrs, and scales acting as a catalyst for rust remover. However, it does efficiently clean surface rusts which will mingle with the part’s integrity; this method becomes a dependable approach to surface treatment. 

Industrial Uses of Shot Blasting

  • Aerospace Industry.
  • Automotive Industry.
  • Steel Fabrication.
  • Aluminum Industry.
  • Medical.
  • Military.

Advantages of Shot Blasting

  • It is the most efficient and effective way for preparing a metal surface before the painting or coating of the surface to make it smoother.
  • The process of this blasting minimizes the operational cost and the maintenance cost of the machinery.
  • During this process, the dust is swept away through a powerful vacuum and dust collection system that is available in the shot blasting machine.
  • Shot blasting is great for industries and machines as it helps to evade the usage of non-eco-friendly and harsh chemicals for cleaning and maintenance.
  • This process is a great technique that helps to build a much better bond between the blasted surface and the protective coating layer. This technique provides a high blast pattern accuracy resulting in a great finished surface.

Technologies Used in Shot Blasting Machines

1. Dry-blasting: There are two methods used for dry-blast cleaning; mechanical blasting and air pressure blasting.

  • Mechanical Blasting: Mechanical blasting most commonly employs the use of cabinet-type equipment. It is available in either batch, semi-automatic or automatic versions. Typically, the cabinet houses one or more blast wheels which direct the abrasive at the workpiece by centrifugal force.
  • Air Pressure Blasting: Air pressure blasting uses compressed air to apply abrasive to a surface. Air pressure blasting uses either direct pressure or an induction method that may use either the siphon or gravity process.

2. Wet Blasting: Wet blasting involves: high-velocity, compressed air propulsion of a slurry directed onto a workpiece. The slurry normally consists of fine abrasive suspended in chemically treated water. It usually is kept in continuous agitation to prevent settling of the abrasive.

Shot Blasting Machine

This machine is used to get rid of undesired corrosion and metallic waste on the surface of finished goods. This is often done for making the surface uniform and to form it more flush for a far better finish after paint or other applications. The method also works for cleaning rust, the severity of the surface, and further fabrication. As a part of this method of blasting, a controlled stream of abrasive media is propelled towards the metallic or steel surface that must be shot blasted with. there's a blast wheel that's located at the center of the machine. As soon as the rotation of the wheel starts, the metallic abrasives or the shot media are channelized towards its center. From this position onwards, the abrasives are stimulated and hurled into the area of the surface which is being prepared for finishing. After the conclusion of this process, the contaminants, also because of the media, make a rebound into a separation system that contains the dust collection system. Similar to the name suggests the dust collector is in charge of collecting or removing the media that's pulverized contaminants, or dust. The remaining media gets recycled by returning it to the storage blasting hopper where the particles are often kept for using them within the future.

Purpose of Shot Blasting Machine

  • It provides a better texture to enhance paint adhesion.
  • It increases the coating life of a machine by reducing its maintenance cost.
  • For cleaning and preparing the surface before painting, coating, metalworking.
  • It also used for making non-slipping surfaces and providing surface homogenization.
  • Shot blasting is done after heat treatment and also for mechanic descaling.

Features of Shot Blasting Machine

  • High efficiency.
  • Low noise.
  • It uses two dish impeller wheel, short and high throw ability.

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