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Steel shots refer to the steel molecules that are generally used in the shot blasting and peening process as an abrasive in removing unwanted substances from the metal surfaces.

These are balloon-like structured balls made up of liquefied steel through the process of atomization. These can be easily obtainable in distinct sizes and solidity.

These are commonly available in various types of steel shots and are mostly used in various industrial sectors such as petrochemicals, construction, automotive, and metallurgy.

Top 5 Applications of Steel Shots

Cleaning of metal surface

The foremost applications of steel shots help in taking off the indefinite particles from the surface of the metals. It is mostly used in automotive sectors regarding cylinder heads, blocks of motor, etc.

Preparation of surface

This is the next procedure of blasting in addition to cleaning and physical changes on the metal surface. This process includes cleaning of metal surface covered with paint coating, rust, and dirt to modify the metal surface with roughness to apply coating and paint.

Cutting of stones

Steel shots are also used in slashing the hard and large rigid stones by cutting the huge rocks into small slices. It is mostly used in the construction and mining industries.

Shot peening

As the steel shots are highly resistant in nature, it is applied in the shot peening process through a repetitive striking of hard steel shots on the metal which made it misshaped and also enhances the longevity of the metal.

Debarring of metal

It is used to apply with sand blasting machines in removal of tiny unwanted particles from the surface before going through the next procedure. Steel shots ranging from 0.18 mm to 2.80 mm are used in the debarring process.