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Both wet blasting and dry blasting are abrasive cleaning techniques that remove old coatings, pollutants, and mill scale from a substrate by hurling microscopic particles at it at high speeds. In the industrial setting, these are basic methods of surface cleaning and preparation for non-destructive testing (NDT), non-destructive examination (NDE), lining, coating, refurbishment, and other uses. We are the Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Dry blasting machine & Wet Blasting machines in India at a low price.

Dry Blasting

Dry Blasting is like Wet Blasting yet it doesn't utilize water or fluid, just air through a Venturi sand blasting Nozzle

A dry blast cabinet is the most typical type of abrasive sand blasting cabinet. Dry blast cabinets often use direct pressure from a pressurised tank or a syphon system to operate (aka a pressure pot or blast pot).

It's crucial to match the appropriate air compressor and dust collector to your cabinet size while dry blasting. This is due to the fact that dust is produced by dry blast cabinets as a result of both the surface being blasted and the abrasive media being worn away by the impact on the surface.

Dry Blasting Advantages

  1. Efficiency - Dry blasting is an incredibly proficient method of stripping ceaselessly old coatings, factory-scale, consumption, and different pollutants from metal surfaces. The resultant garbage can be a lot simpler to eliminate as waste. 
  2. Cost-effective - As it doesn't include extra gear or the regulation and removal of water and wet waste, dry blasting is relatively less exorbitant. 
  3. Versatility - Dry blasting requires less hardware and arrangement and can be directed in a more extensive scope of areas. On the off chance that residue is a worry, control, and extraction using a brief impact building or other appropriate exemplification can be thought of.

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Wet Blasting

Because wet blasting creates no dust, it is also referred to as the dustless blasting machine. To ensure vision inside the blasting cabinet, wet blasting cabinet need a mist collector rather than a dust collector. Wet blasting Machine includes blending a dry abrasive in with water, either through: 

  • Water Injection Nozzles – where the abrasive is hosed before it leaves the impact spout. 
  • Halo Nozzles – where the abrasive is hosed with fog as it has left the impact spout. 
  • Wet Blast Rooms – where the pre-owned abrasive and water are recovered, siphoned and reused. 
  • Modified Blast Pots – where the water and abrasive are both put away under one or the other water or pneumatic force. 

Wet Blasting Machine Advantages

  • Dust Reduction. Because of the utilization of water, wet blasting decreases the measure of residue delivered by the abrasive blasting cycle. It is the key bit of leeway of wet blasting. It secures employable, contiguous working gatherings and any residue touchy plant from fine, abrasive media, and airborne particulates and is especially invaluable in open conditions. 
  • Hydrostatic Forces. The presence of water implies that there is more mass for the purpose of effect. This implies that you may require less abrasive. These powers additionally give an appropriate, feathered edge where the new covering is to interface with a sound, existing covering. 
  • Cleaning. For certain kinds of wet blasting, you can strip the surface and clean it simultaneously. This refutes the requirement for a different washing cycle to eliminate media parts and solvent salts. 
  • No Static Charges. Abrasive blasting can cause starting, which can cause blasts/fires where combustible gasses/materials are available. Wet blasting doesn't totally eliminate sparkles, however, makes 'cold' flashes, basically eliminating the static and hence decreasing the danger of blast.

In the event that you need to altogether secure an open climate or contiguous residue delicate plant, at that point wet blasting might be the technique for you. Nonetheless, most different applications where sufficient ecological controls, regulation, and gear are more than appropriate for dry abrasive blasting. The steel shot supplier provides both a wet blasting Machine and dry blasting machine arrangements.

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