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1) It Can Produce Excellent Results 

Surface scraped area medicines should be profoundly viable and productive, as irregularities in the substrate could influence the nature of the completion. Aluminum Oxide is compelling at eliminating flotsam and jetsam or gatherings, while likewise creating an ideal surface completion for resulting painting, covering, coating, or NDT testing.

2) It Is Effective Even On Hard Substrates 

In light of the superior strength of Aluminum Oxide, it is ideal for use on powerful materials, for example, steel or stainless steel. Different abrasives, which come up short on the hardness of Aluminum Oxide, are less viable in the blast treatment of steels and will deliver a less reliable and thorough outcome.

3) It Is Non-Toxic And Can Produce Less Dust 

Some abrasive media produce dust during impact treatment which, on the off chance that it contains destructive substances or poisons, presents a likely danger to the wellbeing of agents. For this explanation, some media, for example, silica sand, have gone through limitations, so a non-harmful elective that represents no danger to human wellbeing is vital. Aluminum Oxide is an altogether regular item that is additionally artificially idle, while the nonattendance of dust storms during cleaning implies improved permeability for agents, so every treatment can be finished rapidly and precisely. It is important to wear PPE when utilizing any abrasives.

4) It Is More Cost-Effective 

Because of its hardwearing properties, Aluminum Oxide flaunts a more drawn out cutting life than other abrasive media, so it tends to be reused over and over without losing adequacy. Subsequently, with less continuous reestablishment, Aluminum Oxide offers excellent value for money. Likewise, Aluminum Oxide cleans rapidly, so less time is spent between medicines planning hardware and more medicines can be finished.

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