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Steel Grit 

A hard, angular grain, steel grit is purportedly non-hazardous & contaminant free when it is first acquired. It delivers no free silica & related health, respiratory, & environmental risks while in operation. Made from special steel scrap that undergoes a specific quench & temper heat treatment also a regulated atomization process, Ervin brand Steel Grit abrasive stands apart from other metallic abrasive manufacturers. Steel grit abrasive is obtainable in sizes varying from 12-120 grit & with a Rockwell hardness of 40–60+. Steel grit is frequently employed in the railroad, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, bridges, & foundry industries. 

Steel grit is an angular steel abrasive medium. In the first step steel shot (round) is created by melting steel scrap in an induction furnace & atomizing by means of water jet. In the second step, shot is crushed. In the third step, a targeted thermal treatment is observing to reach the expected hardness in 3 distinct grades.

Hardness (Type GP) 46 – 52 HRC (480 – 550 HV1)

Hardness (Type GL) 53 – 57 HRC (570 – 650 HV1)

Hardness (Type GH) min. 64 HRC (min. 800 HV1)

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Types of Steel Grit

Cast steel angular grit is made by crushing in particular warmth-treated shot pellets. Its manners and features in kindness are extremely greatly hanging upon the hardness section of GP, GB, GL, & GR grit.

According to Hardness types of Steel Grit Abrasive

GP Angular Shot - Angular when fresh, this grit rapidly rounds off in usefulness & is extremely fitted to widespread cleaning applications.

GB Steel Grit - Better forceful than GP, with many characteristics similar to GL.

GL Steel Grit - even though additional difficult & more assertive than GB Steel Grit, GL even forfeits its harsh harshnesses during abrasive grit blasting machine & is especially conformed to descaling & surface preparation applications.

GH Steel Grit - Keeping highest hardness, GH forever stays angular in its functional mixture. This steel has a quick, practical, etching action, assembling it outstanding for in-depth descaling & etched surface essentials. For usefulness especially with compressed air tools.

GR Steel Grit - Like GH stress relieved to provide both effective stone cutting rates and durability.

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According to Size types of Steel Grit Abrasive

Steel Grit Grade Steel Grit Size
G120 0.07 – 0.35 mm or  0.003" – 0.014"
G80 0.12 – 0.50 mm or 0.005" – 0.020"
G50 0.30 – 0.85 mm or 0.012" – 0.033"
G40 0.50 – 1.18 mm or 0.020" – 0.047"
G25 0.60 – 1.40 mm or 0.023" – 0.056"
G18 0.85 – 1.70 mm or 0.033" – 0.066"
G16 1.00 – 2.00 mm or 0.039" – 0.079"
G14 1.18 – 2.36 mm or 0.047" – 0.094" 
G12 1.40 – 2.80 mm or 0.056" – 0.111" 

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The Steel grit abrasive is produced with best steel, to ensure elevated efficiency of the product. It is thermally treated in a special process, a certain achieves a tempered martensite structure, guaranteeing resistance to fatigue & operational effectiveness. Steel Grit is manufactured underneath the subsequent norms SAE J444, SAE J-827 & SAE J-1993 in different granulometries and hardness, making possible an excellent result in dissimilar applications, such as:

Steel Grit Applications

  • Removal of sand via melting.
  • Pickling of metal structures, flat and round laminates, and forged components, etc.
  • generally doing the cleaning.
  • Rehearsal of surfaces for painting, metalizing, etc.
  • Shotblasting of lamination cylinders.

Steel Grit Blasting Abrasive

Many forms of steel grit blasting abrasive media can be utilized to clean a surface, remove rust, make a profile, & prepare a surface for coating. The blasting performed on steel structures such as ships, bridges, & tanks is an investment a certain company needs to effectively execute. Determinants for companies deciding which media to use on a project can be contingent on the job specifications, environment, worker health, and cost. Steel grit has exceptional recyclability qualities; it can last up to 1000 times longer than garnet, glass beads, mineral abrasives, aluminum oxide, and copper slag.

Periodic processes greatly decrease overall cost, let alone enhance quality, and reduce health and the impact on the environment. With a recycling process, steel grit blasting can accomplish all the noted benefits. Shown beneath is a worker blasting with steel grit. Clean air surrounds the employee; only one of the many advantages of steel grit recycling.

Unlike traditional abrasive media, steel grit is reusable with an efficient recycling process; making it much more cost effective than other medias such as copper slag, garnet sand, quartz silica sand, and other mineral abrasives. Steel grit can be used multiple times across many jobs. Also, minimal grit loss in the process reduces waste. For example, a contractor may initially use twenty barrels of steel grit for a tank project that is 20,000 square feet. After 130 tons of abrasive is blasted, there are approximately five tons of grit to dispose of. Approximately fifteen barrels of grit is able to be reused & taken to the next job site. In contrary, if a single use abrasive is utilized in this situation, after 130 tons of abrasive blasted, the contractor would have approximately 130 tons of waste to dispose of and no remaining grit at the end of the job. See appendix A for calculations & details.

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When employing single use abrasives, the material removed from the structure (paint rust) & the abrasive, result in waste. Steel grit recycling removes only the debris & grit fines, thereby reducing waste from many containers to a few drums. Steel grit may initially cost more, but the overall annual abrasive cost is dramatically decreased with the proper recycling methods.

As the grit breaks down, the particles too undersized to be useful anymore are deposited in the waste drum. With proper containment, the lesser portion of waste generated, compared to traditional abrasive is easier to manage logistically, which also reduces disposal costs.

Steel Grit Price

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