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Applications/Usage Industrial
Material Mild Steel
Air Pressure 30-100 psi
Finishing Color Coated
Power Source Electric
Air Inlet 3/8"
Cup Capacity 550 ml
Nozzle Size 0.3 mm


Flame Spray Gun

The Flame spray gun process is probably the best of all the spray processes. A flame spray gun manufacturer feeds a powder through the center bore of a sand blasting nozzle where it melts and is carried by the escaping oxy-fuel gases to the workpiece. Unfortunately, this approach provides high coating in oxides and with void contents approaching 20 volume percent (v/o). However, the quality is often improved by feeding air to the nozzle through a minute jet, which reduces the pressure in a chamber behind the nozzle. This cabin is connected to the powder feed in sand blasting hopper. In this way, a mild stream of gas is sucked into the gun and carries powder with it. The amount of powder that will be supported by a gas stream depends on many factors including powder characteristics. If air isn't used then the density of the supporting gas influences the feed rate and, for any particular powder there's an optimum amount that will be carried during a gaseous stream. It depends upon the velocity and volume of the gases used.

Flame Spray Coating

Flame spray coating means blowing a plastic powder through a flame that partially melts the powder and fuses it because it contacts the substrate. The part's surface is preheated with the flame. the standard approach is to coat only a couple of square meters at a time, therefore the temperature is often controlled. The flame is then adjusted. When the coating is completed, the powder is shut off and therefore the coating is post-heated with the flame. Flame spraying is especially useful for coating products with surface areas overlarge for heating in an oven. Disadvantages are the issues related to an open flame and therefore the need for skilled operators to use the coating. Dust and atmospheric humidity subsequently caused a drag with the coating well after the machine was up and running. last, we expect that the occasional unavailability of D-gun or plasma coating facilities and therefore the high cost of those methods far outweigh the risk that's inherent in applying oxyacetylene flame sprays.

Working Principle of Flame Spray Gun Manufacturer

  • In this process, the material in powder form is melted during a hot plasma flame and propelled onto a prepared substrate surface to make a coating.
  • When the spray contacts the prepared surface of the substrate material, the fine molten droplets rapidly solidify forming a coating.
  • The flame is made inside the specially designed flame spray gun, by introducing a high-intensity electric arc between a cathode (tungsten electrode) and anode (nozzle) assembly.
  • When this flame exits the special design convergent-divergent nozzle, it returns to its original state liberating extreme energy.
  • The material in powder form is introduced in this hot flame, where it melts and is propelled by the flame on to the substrate surface.
  • Very good quality Metal and alloys can also be achieved using an atmospheric flame spray. The atmospheric flame spray also has the provision to spray layers inside holes or pockets.

Advantages of the flame spray gun

  • For corrosion protection of structures and machine components and reclamation wore shafts flame spray process is especially used.
  • It is used where a cost-effective thermal spray coating is desired and lower quality can be tolerated.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low Cost.

Flame Spray Gun Manufacturer

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