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The Sand Blasting Nozzle is a device that is connected to the sandblasting hose and at different joints and with the help of that fluid or abrasives get a discharge with high pressure. Sand Blasting nozzle has a range of tips bore size, nozzle mouth diameter so that different blasting operations can be performed.

For any blasting machine design selection of nozzle is necessary and essential. The selection of nozzle mainly depends upon air compressor capacity and according to their production capabilities, the nozzle is selected.

Tungsten carbide nozzles is a very appropriate option as per its production capabilities.

After selecting the correct design according to the compressor capacity now size and shapes are get selected so that a high production rate can be achieved without any damages and then other factors such as bore material, durability, impact resistance, and price are considered for the selection of nozzle.

Types of Sand Blasting Nozzle

  • Straight bore blasting nozzle.
  • Venturi nozzle blasting nozzle.
  • Double venturi blasting nozzle.
  • Wide throat venturi nozzle.
  • XL performance nozzle.

Straight bore blasting nozzle:

In straight bore, nozzles compressed air enters from the end side or lest side (converging side) of the nozzle after that abrasive media start to accelerate and media particles suspended in the flow. Then the abrasive media take the exit from the other side.

Shot Blasting Machine and in Sand Blasting cabinet work on straight bore nozzle creates a very fine and tight blast pattern.


  • Ideal for smaller jobs
  • Part cleaning operations are easy
  • Can clean handrails

Venturi nozzle blasting nozzle

These nozzles are specially designed to increase the cleaning rates and to provide uniform abrasive distribution.

Venturi nozzles usually have two sides such as converging and which the converging side is known as the entry side and the diverging side is the exit side. It is designed in this way so that it can accelerate more airflow and media particles. In the venturi effect, we have an observation that when an airflow accelerates there is a corresponding drop in pressure level. When the acceleration is produced media will spread out through its angled shaped at the diverging end.

Due to its unique design and sizes its abrasive consumption and productivity are 40% more than straight bore nozzles.


  • Available in different sizes and shapes
  • Productivity is more
  • Media loss is less

Double venturi blasting nozzle

Double venturi blasting nozzle is designed for jobs where large cutting patterns are required. This nozzle has an extra-wide exit opening and holes at the diverging end. In this nozzle atmospheric air is inserted through an extra hole into the low pressure the area so that airflow can be increased and a larger blasting pattern can be obtained on the blasting surface.

The advantage of using a double venturi blasting nozzle is that it can produce 35% larger blasting pattern as compares to the long venturi nozzles.

Wide throat venturi nozzle

In these nozzle they have a wide throat and an additional ¼” wide converging section. When a wide throat venturi nozzle is used with a matching inside diameter after that corresponding air volume is increased hence it will give 15% more productivity as compare to a long venturi nozzle.

XL performance nozzle

XL nozzle is used when there is a need for extra-long nozzles accelerating media particles for a long distance. When the blaster is standing further back from the surface of blasting it achieve higher exit velocities. These nozzles can produce a high production rate with an increase in blasting patterns.

Nozzle material

Nozzle material also plays an important role in the selection of nozzle. Material is used inlining of a bore at the inner side is basically of two types such as:

  • Tungsten carbide nozzle
  • Boron carbide nozzle

Tungsten carbide nozzle

Tungsten carbide nozzles are the less durable nozzle but they are less costly and can resist impact.

It can easily use with copper slag, glass, and mineral abrasive media.

Boron carbide nozzle:

Boron Carbide Nozzle is extremely hard and durable but brittle in nature and it can give ten times longer life than tungsten carbide nozzle.

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