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Steel shots for automobile parts is one of the most essential product used within the sand and rust removal industry. As a profound abrasive media steel shots despite being hard also produces extreme results over almost all the adversely affected workpieces. One of the most powerful abrasive media is steel shot which ultimately is used for surface cleaning of automobile parts. Surface cleaning of automobile parts by shot blasting is related to important businesses. Steel shots for automobile parts are frequently used to remove fatigue from surfaces that have been negatively damaged by corrosion and rust, as well as to remove further impurities from the metal surfaces. For greater performance, steel shots for surface cleaning of automobile parts are the perfect tool to use in a confined space. 

The primary industries that use these steel shots for automobile parts, metallurgical, petrochemical, and construction industries. Steel shot blasting is the process that improves the metal's surface by clarifying and cleaning it. for any further queries regarding our sand blasting safety equipment please visit our website. 

Steel shots are tiny, spherical granules of steel that are produced by the atomization process. These steel shots or tiny steel balls are utilized as abrasives in many different industries. Removing any loose contaminants, and assisting in cleaning the surfaces of metals and other substances. steel shots also aid in the cutting of granite and other hard surfaces. We provide all the best quality of sand blasting hopper, suction blasting cabinet, grit blasting machine, automatic sand blasting machine, thermal spray gun, stainless steel shots, cast steel shots, cut wire shots, arc spray gun, air breathers, air filters, sand blasting helmets, 

The standard of the supplies and the findings of each of our quality assurance inspections affect the steel shots' price. Our steel shot prices are quite competitive. The mini Sand Blasting Machine equipment also supported the development of steel shots. Although all steel shots are produced for industrial use, they are customized to the needs and specifications of the abrasive shot blasting machine and operator. Given that steel shots are versatile and may be used with any typical blast medium, this is a key factor in determining if the cost of a steel shot is reasonable. Virgin aluminum oxide, a very efficient supplement, produces excellent results for the intended duties when combined with other products. Hence on an overall surge steel shots are used almost in all the fields as per the present scenario. These things justify steel shots price to be more than pocket friendly and affordable. 

We are one of the most knowledgeable steel shots suppliers among all the flourishing businesses in the industry. We have a lengthy history in the steel shot production industry and a tonne of real-world experience. Since we are one of the leading suppliers of steel shots, we have a team of senior engineers who are very knowledgeable and skilled. As a reputable steel shot supplier, we have built up a big staff of competent workers that have a wealth of experience building ships throughout the years. As a profound steel shots supplier, we supply expertly created steel shots to the automobile, locomotive, machine tool, and other sectors that produce top-notch services and top-notch auxiliary equipment. The product quality has increased to a very high level domestically.

Steel Shots Advantage 

All sand and shot blasting equipment use steel shots, a typical abrasive substance. The mainstays of almost every shop's work in general engineering applications and produced items are steel shots and medium-carbon steels. For steel shots the act of applying high pressure to a stream of steel shots to a surface in order to shape, smoothen, or remove impurities from surfaces is known as abrasive blasting, sometimes referred to as cabinet and portable sand blasting machine. A centrifugal wheel or a pressurized fluid, typically compressed air, is used to push the blasting material.

Steel Shots Size 

Steel shots grade Steel shots sizes in (MM)
Steel shots - S70 0.180
Steel shots - S110 0.300
Steel shots - S170 0.425
Steel shots - S230 0.600
Steel shots - S280 0.710
Steel shots - S330 0.850
Steel shots - S390 1.000
Steel shots - S460 1.180
Steel shots - S550 1.400
Steel shots - S660 1.700
Steel shots - S780 2.000
Steel shots - S930 2.400


Steel Shots Applications 

Steel shots are one such abrasive that has its uses in almost all leading fields of the industry. This powerful medium is used to strip and blast metals from foundries and steel. Steel Grit effectively etches hard metals to increase the adhesion of coatings including paints, epoxy, enamel, and rubber. For peening and deburring stampings and other fabrications, the shot works effectively. Considering its characteristics, it is perfect for removing rust from machinery and equipment surfaces. Cast steel shot may remove the accumulation of release agent on molds and is widely used to deflash aluminum die castings.

Steel shots in India are an incredible class of abrasive media that have a wide range of uses across all industrial sectors. Steel shots in India are virtually exclusively utilized in the automotive, forging, descaling, and deburring industries. In the shot blasting, shot peening, and etching industries, steel shots are a great source of abrasive blasting. Steel shots in India are among the most popular alternatives. We are the top steel shots manufacturers in the industry. When used in shot blasting, steel shots are a very strong abrasive. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of metallic objects' surfaces. This material is more impact and fatigue-resistant when compared to traditional abrasives. For any queries regrading the price ranges of shot blasting machine please visit our websites. 

Steel Shots Features 

  • very hard.
  • very robust
  • reliable performance.
  • highest abrasiveness

We as steel shots exporters have the most sense of responsibility towards our clients for providing all the better quality products to our clients. As a profound steel shots exporter, we assure all our services on time within all the required set of conditions to our clients. As steel shots exporters we provide all our clients with all the grades of steel shots as per their requirements. We are also a leading manufacturer of a vast scale of other products as such as portable shot blasting machine, suction blasting cabinets, wet blasting cabinets as well as other essential elements as such as sand blasting hoses, sand blasting helmets, sand blasting nozzle, thermal spray gun, thermal spray wire as well as other vast series of abrasive media’s such as abrasive garnet, copper slag, glass beads, and many more products.