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Power Consumption 30
Automation Grade Possible
Usage/Applications Surface Preparation
Portable Yes


Sand Blasting machine is mainly used to remove rust, corrosion, and contaminants from the metal surface with the help of abrasive media. In a sand blasting machine manufacturer, silica sand is used as an abrasive for sand blasting operation. A Sand blasting machine is also used to mold and to clean the surface of the metal. For this blasting process, compressed air at high velocity and pressure is imparted on the blast wheel. Sand blasting machine is the strongest method among all the other blasting methods. 

Benefits of Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Sand blasting machine manufacturer, sometimes also mentioned as Abrasive blasting is that the use of a forceful stream of some abrasive (usually sand) against a surface under high. This forceful action helps smoothen rough surfaces, roughen smooth surfaces, or to get rid of any contaminants present on the surface of an object. Sand blasting has proven to be one of the foremost effective ways to shape a surface or strip foreign materials of it or even smooth the surface of an object. The sand blasting method uses a similar effect as that of sandpaper, but unlike the sandpaper, the sand blasting machine manufacturer method has no problems with corners and nooks also gives a far better finish. This sand blasting process helps to revive and provides a replacement life to the fabric.

  • Cost-Effective: One of the various advantages of the sandblasting process is its cost-effectiveness. This becomes possible because of the actual fact that no additional costs are incurred during the entire sand blasting process and thus, it can easily be optimized to suit your budget.
  • Less Equipment Required: Sand blasting only requires three basic components to function:- The sand blasting gun with a hose which is connected to the compressor, this compressor fires the air inside the gun till the trigger is pressed. there's a hopper on the gun and when the air passes through it, the entire sand blasting method gets into action.
  • Quick Results: One of the main advantages of sand blasting is that it saves time which helps you to take care of the efficiency of your business by reducing your downtime and increasing productivity. Sand blasting takes lesser time as compared to an equivalent task done manually, during a matter of a couple of minutes you'll get your equipment cleaned and searching nearly as good as new However, thanks to the need for safety precautions in sand blasting, it's advised to be done by knowledgeable.
  • Removes Oil and other Contaminants: Many sorts of kit use oils or other contaminants and it keeps the productivity to the optimum level, it's necessary to stay your equipment freed from these. To wash all the oil and other foreign contaminants quickly and effectively sand blasting is employed. This sand blasting gun, with extreme force blasts away the oil and other contaminants in no time.

Different Types of Sand Blasting

  • Silica Sand: Silica sand also referred to as silica which is ordinary and that's commonly used for shearing or scraping a surface. it's called silica or quartz, which was commonly wont to remove surface impurities and provides it a clean look because it consists of sharp edges which provides it a grit effect in abrasive blasting. But since it could lead to common respiratory problems or asthma, silica sand is not any longer the first choice in sand blasting applications.
  • Soda Sand blasting: Soda sand blasting gives a cleansing effect without damaging the layer because it doesn’t damage the outer layer of softer metals like aluminous or react chemically with its surface. Therefore it's extensively wont to remove rust from metals without causing depression or damage to the underlying delicate layers since tougher materials can simply get scraped by hard media. Soda is additionally an excellent grit to use on delicate materials.
  • Steel Sand blasting: Steel media is employed for both blasting and scraping. during this process, steel grit is employed as an abrasive media to wash off corrosion and rust from hard metal surfaces. it's a fast cutting effect that may be effective in thick surface preparation before painting. Steel balls are best used for peening purposes on different materials and that they are common in automobile industries, airplane hangers, and heavy machinery. Steel media is employed because it also leaves a smooth finish. it's a high recyclable life.
  • Glass Beads: Glass beads are silica free and environmentally safe. they will be used in many areas to get rid of surface imperfections like rust, burrs, scales, and more. It's excellent for paint preparation and provides a singular matte and satin finish to the surface. This media offers a clean finish on a spread of metals and softer metals like aluminum are often effectively treated using glass beads.

Sand Blasting Machine Types

  • Pressure blasting machine
  • Suction blasting machine
  • Wet blasting machine

Sand Blasting Machine Working

In sand blasting machine, compressed air with abrasive is used for surface preparation. It is one of the most efficient and fast methods of blasting.  The sand blasting machine involves the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a rough surface. Here, compressed air or pressurized liquid is used as the propellant. Sand blasting is also known as abrasive blasting.  Operators are advised to use safety wear while operating sandblasting machines for their safety purpose. There a few more variants of the sand blasting process such as shot blasting, soda blasting, and bead blasting, etc.

Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India

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