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Recoverable blasting media have two basic shapes. Round (spherical) and angular. The most common recoverable industrial blast media are:

Spherical Shaped Media:

Angular Shaped Media:

General Abrasive Media Information:

  • Spherical media are used for peening and produce smoother surface finishes
  • Angular media chip at a parts surface removing paint, rust, and scale quicker than round media and produce a rougher surface finish and better anchor patterns for coating adhesions.
  • Higher blast pressures reduce media life.
  • Higher blast pressures increase production
  • Dust collection keeps media clean
  • Harder workpieces reduce media life
  • The production rate of media, labor, and air compressor expense

Recoverable Media Life Cycle:

Abrasive Media Media Life Cycles %Breakdown
Silica sand 1 100
Garnet Sand 3-5 25
Plastic Media 7-9 13
Glass Beads 9-12 10
Silicon Carbide 9-10 11
Aluminum Oxide 10-12 9
Ceramic Media 70-90 1.2
Steel shot, steel grit 80-100 1
Stainless shot, Stainless grit 150-225 0.5