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Tank Capacity 250 liters
Material Mild Steel
No. of wheels 3
Height 1500
Portable Yes
Nozzle Size 5-10 mm

Grit-blasting or sand blasting, if available, can also be used. A specially-trained operator is required to supply uniformity within pieces by sand blasting. A clean, uniform-size grit is important for correct surface preparation with sand blasting. this might be a drag when treating GPR surfaces, and for that reason, this system is never used.

Working of Grit Blasting Machine

Grit Blasting Machine is used to remove foreign particles from the metal surface. Grit Blasting Machine has a particle size sand process, also known as Sand Blasting Machine. It is a process in which abrasives are sprayed out at very high pressure through a grit blasting nozzle using compressed air on the surface which needs to be re-engineered and provide a desirable surface finish. Grit blast machines can also enhance the surface of components by removing scratches, casting, and mold marks. The operation of  Grit Blasting Machine depends on the different applications such as:

  • Loading of abrasives into the cylinder.
  • Throwing pressurized air through the nozzle on the surface.

A grit blasting machine consists of two hoses, one of which is connected to the bottom of the handle, and another one is connected with the lower side of the barrel. it has a repository of loose sand which helps in forming a vessel or bucket. When the gun is fired, the air creates suction which pulls the sand into the gun and this sand can be reused.

Types of Grit Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Grit blasting machine can be categorized as:

  • Portable Grit Blasting Machine ManufacturerPortable Grit Blasting Machine are used for small and medium-size industries such as; automobile industry, paint transformer, manufacturing companies, pipe manufacturers, casting manufacturers, powder coating industry, and many more. Portable grit blasting machine may use any type of abrasives.
  • Cabinet type Grit Blasting Machine Manufacturer: Cabinet type Grit Blasting Machine are used for medium and small-sized jobs such as; stainless steel, glass handicrafts, wood, casting, and mold.

Grit Blasting Machine is most suitable for preparing the surface before welding and afterward to enhance the adhesion of coatings. Moreover, grit blasting can be used to remove sand and scale formed in the fettling of castings. Due to the effect of compression in the grit blasting machine, it can be used to prevent corrosion also.

Grit Blasting Cabinet is used where no dust is needed to create in the working environment. The component which is treated is inserted into the cabinet and sealed until the pressurized abrasive is forced through nozzles into the chamber. Grit blasting machine can be operated with the help of a foot-pedal by the operator. It can be turn on and off with the foot-pedal and rubber glove hand inserts operators to pick the components up and move them around as they are being blasted. The operator works inside the blasting room, wearing the operator’s suit.

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