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Applications / Usage Industrial
Air Pressure 50-70 psi
Nozzle Size 2 mm
Air Consumption 9-10 cfm
Air Inlet 3/8 "
Minimum Quantity 1 piece

Arc Spray Gun

In the Arc spray gun manufacturer process, the natural material within the sort of metallic wires is melted by means of an electrical arc spray gun. The molten material is atomized by compressed air and propelled towards the workpiece. The coatings provided within the arc spraying method usually have a greater porosity and lower adhesion intensity than those received from another thermal spray gun, making them of comparatively poorer property. But, for a few purposes, higher measures of porosity are acceptable or maybe desired. Arc spray gun supplier features a comprehensive range of commercial purposes.

Arc Spray Gun Manufacturer Process

Arc spray gun uses two metallic wires as the coating of raw materials. The two wires are electrically charged with reversing polarity and stay fed into arc spray gun supplier, which always controls its speed. Arc spray gun manufacturer uses two consumable wires of metal to fed inside the gun separately. These wires are charged then an arc is produced between them. The heat from this arc vanishes the incoming wires of metal, then this heated metal entrained in an air spray from the gun. This entrained molten metal transferred onto the workpiece with the help of compressed air. This process typically employed for heavy coating of metallic on a workpiece.

Applications of Arc Spray Gun Manufacturer

  • Manufacture components that exhibit specific surface characteristics.
  • Use less costly substrate materials for components, yet maintain high-performance surface properties.
  • Improve component service life.
  • Repair existing components to like-new or better than new condition.
  • Salvage mismachined components.
  • Provide a high-performance bond coat in a coating system. 

Benefits of Arc Spray Gun

  • No combustible gas supply is required.
  • Versatile, reliable, and easy to operate.
  • High production spray rates.
  • Produces easily to machine coatings.

Industrial Uses

  • Power Generation.
  • Waste Incineration.
  • Electronics.
  • Automotive.
  • Aerospace.
  • Oil/Gas / Petrochemical.
  • Paper/Printing.
  • Steel/Metal Production.
  • General Industry.
  • Glass /Optics.

Arc Spray Gun Manufacturer in India

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