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Steel shots for Abrasive blasting are one of the most popular sorts of media. Among all the consumers in the market, steel shots for abrasive blasting are one of the most popular options. Steel shots for abrasive blasting are the best steel abrasives for intricate work and the quality of results it generates over workpieces. Steel shots, which are basically the last grains of molten steel, are produced utilizing automated procedures. The best abrasive media is steel shots, which are utilized in almost all major industries for various tasks like sandblasting, peening, deburring, etching, and more. It is available in a range of grades due to its adaptability across several industries.

We manufacture a vast range of all the leading products such as portable sand blasting machine, pressure blasting cabinets, grit blasting machine, thermal spray guns, sand blasting hoppers, sand blasting helmet, and many other products. 

Steel Shots Advantages 

Steel shots are super accessible as well as an affordable product used within all the leading mainstream industries. 

  • Steel shots are almost totally recyclable and have a long shelf life. 

  • They respond to weariness naturally as well.

  •  Steel shots aid in lowering dust when applied to a side that is accumulating. 

  • Steel shots are actually more than enough to cover the entire area because of their decreased risk. 

  • Steel shot is simple to access and maintain due to its angular shape and large grain size.

  • Steel shots also reduce the wear and tear of airless shot blasting machines hence is performance enhancive. 

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In India, steel shot prices are determined by criteria related to regulatory testing and quality control. According to the grade being utilized, the pricing range for steel shot that we've established is the most accessible and incredibly reasonable. According to the intended outcomes, we provide a wide range of steel shot grades. In India, we provide very high-quality steel shots at a wide variety of prices, including steel shots of the S930, S460, and S230 grades. Along with all the other considerable grades of blasting media, we also manufacture all the ranges of blasting machines such as portable sand blasting machines, pressure blasting cabinet, automatic sand blasting machines, Grit blasting machines, granite engraving machines, sand blasting machines, and many other breaths of air operated and airless blasting machines. 

Working of Automatic sand blasting machine 

Steel shots are better employed with air-operated and airless shot blasting machines, such as automatic sand blasting machine. In essence, the automatic sand blasting device has two stepped motors. The table is rotated by the first motor, which is also used to drive a cannon in both upward and downward directions, by the second motor. The appropriate workpiece is positioned over a turnable table in an automatic sand blasting machine, which eventually rotates the table over the workpiece. 

The control panel, which contains four more switches, is used to adjust the nozzle's position once the half rotation is finished. We can change the positions on the workpiece with the aid of the control panel. In such a way Steel shots are expelled out for blasting.  We also manufacture a wide series of all grades of guns such as thermal spray guns, metalizing spray guns, arc spray guns, and many others. 

Steel Shots in India

We are among Rajasthan's most well-known exporters of steel shots. All of our goods are affordably produced in India. This method resembles grit blasting. However, the type of steel bullets used matters. The abrasive substance is steel shots. It is frequently fairly hot and is used to make abrasive materials. This grit looks similar to steel grit. It is a very flexible abrasive. We provide cast steel cut shots in a range of diameters and grades, including 430, 202, 410, and 304. In addition to other materials, it is frequently used to prepare the surface of workpieces made of zinc, copper slag, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Among the top steel shot manufacturer in India, we are well-known. Steel shot S230 is a common option for actively removing corrosion and rust from delicate metal components. As a top manufacturer, we take the highest responsibility for all of our top items. We also provide a comprehensive selection of various abrasive media as a top manufacturer, including all the best grades of glass beads, copper slag, garnet sand, and many more.