Garnet Sand

Price Range : ₹ 25 - 45 / kg
Brand Name
Ambica Enterprises
Abrasive Garnet Sand
4.0 - 4.1
  • Sandblasting with Abrasive Garnet Sand - High-pressure compressed air is used to blast the abrasive garnet onto the surface of the steel during the surface preparation process.
  • Mineral- and iron-free abrasive garnet sand has a wide range of uses. High-pressure water jet cutting is where it finds its main use as abrasive sand.
  • It can be found, among other things, in premium coated and bonded abrasives including abrasive papers, clothes, and wheels.
Size (MM)
0.25 - 2.5 MM
Mesh Size
80 - 10/30 Mesh
Packaging Type
Jumbo Bag
Packaging Size
25 kg / 50 kg / 1 Ton
Customized Packaging Yes
Payment Mode Cash, Cheque, DD, Credit Card, 100% T/T, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, IMPS
Shipment Mode By Air, By Road, By Cargo
Delivery Time  1-2 weeks from the date of confirmation of Purchase Order and Advance.
Product Description

Garnet Sand Abrasive

Garnet Sand is freed from metallic iron, getting it suitable for all areas of surface preparation including stainless steel, anti-magnetic steel, and all special alloys and has many advantages, including the following: fast cutting, low dusting (compared to coal slag or silica sand), recyclable (it are often recycled 5 -10 times counting on the application due to its superior toughness and low friability), low risk to health, with no detectable amounts of heavy metals and low free silica. Special fine grades of garnet also are available for aluminum oxide, turbine blades, fiberglass, and other specialist surface preparation applications.

A more important attribute not necessarily related to chemistry is how the garnet was formed. Due to their hard rock deposit formation, all of the deposits of Andradite and some of the Almandite garnets are structurally weaker than full crystal alluvial Almandite garnets. In hard rock garnet deposits, many crystals can structure a specific grain size. A high number of crystals in each grain means the grains are more friable or break down more easily. This tendency to interrupt down leads to a greater level of finer particles of dust, slightly lower performance during a one-time use, and a reduced ability to be recycled. Usually, the lower performance is partially offset by the lower cost of the Andradite compared to the Almandite. A very simple friability test will go an extended way in understanding how a specific garnet will break down and generate dust.

  • Place about 10 grains of every sort of garnet you're considering on a flat, hard surface.
  • By employing a quarter and therefore the pressure of your thumb, attempt to break each grain of garnet individually, if possible.
  • The better it's to interrupt the grain, the upper the dust levels are going to be, and therefore the fewer times you'll recycle the garnet. For recycling projects, choose the sample that's hardest to interrupt.

Chemical Properties

SiO2 36-38%
Al2O3 20-22%
Fe2O3 31-33%
MgO 6-8%
MnU 0.53%
CaO 1-1.5%
TiO2 0.3-0.7%

Garnet Sand Manufacturer in India

Sand blasting is a machine that uses abrasive Garnet with air pressure to clean or prepare surfaces for painting or other coatings. Sand blasting machine can also be used for the destruction of sand, it is also used to remove contaminated substances from metal products, these have been cast or made forged and in some cases have been welded.

Garnet Sand Price

Garnet Sand Blasting Media price in India depends on the quantity or quality of the Garnet Sand. It is imperative that the top user (contractor) acquire samples of every garnet product under consideration. At most, 1 / 4 of a pound of every is required. The friability test should be performed before ordering a specific sort of garnet. When the chosen product is delivered to the worksite, the test should be done on the merchandise at the location to ascertain if it's like the sample. Because everyone exerts different pressure, the test gives only a relative indication of friability.

The tightly screened sizing of Garnet ensures a maximum number of grains per unit weight. Blasting speed (and hence, total job time) may be a result of the number of impacts on the surface. The greater number of grains that impact the surface, the more area is often covered in less time. Garnet 30/60 Mesh contains approximately 11.00 Million impacting grains per kg of abrasive compared to the coarser slag or sand of 20 Mesh with only 1.00 Million grains per kg. counting on the appliance, this leads to up to twice the cleaning rate with Garnet, using 1/3 of the abrasives compared to other conventional abrasives.

Garnet Blasting Media Suppliers

We are the Leading Garnet blasting media suppliers in India at a low price. We provide steel shot, SS shot, copper slag, steel grit, garnet sand, quartz shot, aluminum oxide, glass beads, etc. We are the leading manufacturer of surface preparation machine and exporter of abrasive media. Our main focus is customer trust and a good relationship with the client. We are focused on our quality products and customer satisfaction. We provide abrasive Garnet Sand, Almandine Garnet Sand, Water Filtration Garnet, Garnet 12-24 Mesh, Garnet 20-40 Mesh, Garnet 30/60 Mesh, Garnet 80 Mesh at low prices at minimum delivery time.

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