Glass Beads

Price Range : ₹ 70 - 110 / kg
Brand Name
Ambica Enterprises
Glass Beads
Packaging Size
25 kg / 50 kg / 1 Ton Jumbo Bag
Round, Shape
Smooth Shiny
  • Cosmetic and satin finishing
  • Blast cleaning when metal removal from the workpiece is of concern
  • Mold cleaning
  • Automotive restoration
  • Light to medium peening of metal parts to reduce fatigue
  • Carbon or heat treat scale removal
Size (MM)
0.150 - 0.850 MM
Mesh Size
20 - 325 Mesh
Packaging Type
Jumbo Bag
Packaging Size
25 kg / 50 kg / 1 Ton
Customized Packaging Yes
Payment Mode Cash, Cheque, DD, Credit Card, 100% T/T, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, IMPS
Shipment Mode By Air, By Road, By Cargo
Delivery Time  1-2 weeks from the date of confirmation of Purchase Order and Advance.
Product Description

Glass Bead Abrasive Media

Glass Beads sort of abrasive media is tenderly cleaned metal parts leaving a smooth matte finish without etching the surface. Glass Bead is idyllic for sand blasting,  peening, surface finishing, deburring, shot blasting machine, and metal cleaning. As it is recyclable and this property makes it a cost-effective option to eradicate surface imperfections which include rust, burrs, and paint removals alongside maintaining the easiness of your workpiece. Its recyclability makes it a cheap option to remove many various sorts of surface imperfections, including burrs, rust, and paint removal while maintaining the surface easiness of your workpiece.

Glass Beads Abrasive media is made up using lead-free, soda lime-type glass, including no free silica which is then formed into preformed ball figures. Chemically stable and ecologically friendly, glass bead abrasive supplier is an adequate method of metal cleaning or exterior finishing when accurately measured. Glass beads suppliers are greatly made use of within the impact treatment of the exterior. Their spherical figure and therefore the chemical world presents them with a diversity of features.

Glass Beads for Sand Blasting Machine

Sand blasting machine using glass beads allows for the removal of a wide range of surface flaws, including burrs, corrosion, and paint removal, resulting in a peened brilliant to matte surface finish. Another notable benefit of using glass beads for shot blasting machine is that the technique produces a relatively low amount of dust. Glass beads may be blasted at a lower PSI than other devices, which helps. Reduced dust levels improve operator visibility during blasting, allowing them to work more efficiently. Less dirt and dust save time and money when it comes to maintaining the work environment, which can have a significant impact on long-term operational costs.

Blasting using glass beads is utilized in a variety of manufacturing operations. Finer glass beads are ideal for achieving a silky smooth surface finish, which is commonly satin-matte. When working with metals like aluminum and stainless steel, medium-sized glass beads are a better choice. This grade is great for covering or masking flaws, scratches, and machine markings on the substrate. For cleaning and light deburring of rough surfaces found on many metal castings and automotive parts, large glass beads perform effectively. The coarser grades produce a more intensively peened appearance and a brighter surface finish.

Specification of Glass Beads

Type Size(μm) Mesh
#30 850-425 20-40
#60 600-300 30-50
#80 425-212 40-70
#100 212-150 70-100
#120 212-150 70-100
#150 150-106 100-150
#180 106-75 150-200
#220 106-53 150-270
#280 75-45 200-325
#320 325max /

Chemical Composition

Sio2 72%
Na2O 13%
CaO 5%
MgO 4%
K2O 3%
Al2O3 1%

Glass Beads Blasting Media

The most common use for glass bead blasting media is in basic maintenance and blast cleaning. Glass bead blasting allows the user to clean work components without removing too much of the surface. Glass beads are also employed in several peening applications due to their spherical shape. The form also facilitates a gradual decomposition, allowing for several twists and hits.

Because glass beads can clean, polish, peen, and in some circumstances even deburr, they can perform a four-step procedure in one application. When compared to other conventional blasting abrasives, this combination produces a regulated and unique surface quality. On metallic surfaces, it leaves a lovely, brilliant, silky sheen.

Glass beads come in a wide range of sizes, allowing for a variety of surface finishes and cosmetic textures, and also the glass beads price depends on these factors. Glass beads are also chemically inert, meaning they won't pollute or leave residue on surfaces.

Benefits of Glass Beads

  • The Surface of a part can be cleaned proficiently without removing metal.
  • Deburring, cleaning, finishing, and peening can be performed in one operation.
  • Time & cost saving.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Chemically static – no ferrous or other leftover contaminants.
  • Gives a clean and controlled finish to a variety of metals.

Glass Beads Manufacturer in India

We are the leading manufacturer of Glass Beads in India at an affordable price. We also provide steel shot, SS shot, copper slag, steel grit, garnet sand, quartz shot, & aluminum oxide, etc. Our products are checked on various parameters, such as density, physical and chemical properties, microstructure, hardness, and durability.

To enable us to quote for your requirement, kindly give us the following info –

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  3.      Quantity required with a delivery schedule.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Garnet Sand?

Garnet sand may be a good abrasive, and a standard replacement for silica sand in <strong>sand blasting</strong>. The garnet, because it is mined and picked up, is crushed to finer grains; all pieces which are larger than 60 mesh (250 micrometers) are normally used for sand blasting.

What Do I Need To Know About Shooting Steel Shot?

Steel shot is harder than lead and features a lower density. To catch up on this you ought to move up 1 or 2 shot sizes and initially shoot birds at closer range – don't alter your shooting technique. As steel shot is harder than lead it is often driven faster without deforming the pellets - keeping tighter patterns.

What is Steel Grit?

Steel Grit is offered in a form of shapes and sizes which will admit administering a variety of blast profiles for obtaining different results. This sort of grit is angular in nature the way it's been created. This grit is good for helping to get rid of the contaminants from the surface of varied products and it also creates a final profile for the new coating to stick to.

What is the use of Copper Slag?

Copper slag may be a by-product obtained during smelting and refining of copper. The waste copper slag is often used as abrasive tools, construction, and ballast.

What can you do with Aluminum Oxide?

The main use of aluminum oxide is in refractories, ceramics, polishing, and abrasive purposes. Large contents of aluminum hydroxide, from which alumina comes, is used in the production of zeolites, coating titania pigments, and as a fireplace retardant/smoke suppressant.