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What is Dolomite Powder?

Dolomite Powder is a chemical emulsion that includes manganese dolomite and iron dolomite. Dolomite Powder is pure white in color and has stable chemical parcels. Dolomite powder in grease paint carbonate minerals is a type of limestone powder used in colorful orders like assembling outfits, glass, pottery, husbandry, cement manufacturing, mining, etc.

Dolomite powder has a relative density of 2.5, is completely white dolomite powder, is insoluble in water, has stable chemical characteristics, and feels slick. Dolomite powder can be used as a plastic filler to increase a product's hardness, fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance, electrical insulation, and dimensional stability.

Calcium magnesium carbonate, preferably CaMg(CO3)2, makes up the anhydrous carbonate mineral known as dolomite. A sedimentary carbonate rock primarily made of the mineral dolomite is referred to by this name. Dolostone is an alternate term occasionally used to refer to the dolomitic rock type.

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Natural Dolomite Powder

The chemical industry, agriculture, construction materials, glass, ceramics, refractory materials, environmental protection, energy conservation, and other industries can all use natural dolomite powder. It is primarily utilized as a flux for alkaline refractories, blast furnace iron making, the creation of magnesium sulfate and calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, as well as materials for the manufacture of glass and ceramics. The glaze uses it as a flux.

White Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Powder grade has a whiteness of up to 98%. We are recognized as one of the leading Dolomite Powder suppliers and Dolomite Powder manufacturers in India. Steel shot supplier is an Indian company that manufactures dolomite powder. Our Dolomite Powder comes in 100 mesh dolomite powder, 300 mesh, 500 mesh dolomite powder, 20 microns, and 10 microns grades. The whiteness and purity of the natural dolomite powder we provide are highly valued. The rubber sector, paint, ceramic and powder coating industries, detergent, and flooring applications have all used this white dolomite powder.

The application criteria for the dolomite powder price depends on the material's primary functional characteristics. As a result, the price of white dolomite powder has decreased generally, opening the door to more worthwhile growth and uses. We are a reputable provider and manufacturer of dolomite mesh powder in India.

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Dolomite powder applications

Manufacturing steel

 Most of the dolomite produced worldwide is used to make iron and steel. When creating metal alloys, dolomite is utilized as a slag flux in powder form. Two of the essential components of dolomite that aid in the production of steel are calcium and magnesium.

Cement Industries

High surface hardness and a high-density ratio are two of dolomite's many desirable qualities. Due to its hardness and strength, it is also used as a filler. Because of the way dolomite reacts with water, it is also used in paints and putty.

Dolomite for the Paint Industry

The applications of dolomite powder in the paint industry include exterior paints, powder coatings, primers, putties, and cement paints.

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Glass Industries

 Dolomite's abundant components, such as lime and magnesia, boost the powder's utility in the glass industry.


Dolomite powder is one of the greatest chemicals for making ceramics because of its after-burning whiteness effect. Its features, such as purity and quality, increase its significance in the ceramics sector.

Mining In blast furnaces, dolomite can be employed as a flux. Magnesia is a crucial component in mining and is also a source of magnesium metal.

Rubber sector

Dolomite powder aids in increasing rubber volume. It aids in regulating the hardness and pliability of synthetic rubber.

Dolomite Powder for Agriculture

The use of dolomite powder for agriculture can improve the soil. By enhancing the availability of plant nutrients and lowering aluminum or manganese toxicity, using finely powdered dolomite to convert acidic soil to nearly neutral soil has a special beneficial effect on crops. Soil structure is enhanced by dolomite.

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