Steel shots S460

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 /Kg
Material Grade
Steel shots S-460
Ambica Enterprises
  • Steel shots - S460 plays an effective role in cleaning the contaminants as well as rust and corrosion removal as well as dirt removal from the effective metal pieces as well as workpieces. 
  • Steel shots S460 is excellent in attaining high surface coverage in a very shot period of time.
0.1 mm - 3.0 mm
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25 kg / 50 kg / 1ton
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Product Description

Steel shots S460 is a top-notch grade steel shot that is useful for lowering costs and consumption. Steel shots  S460 has a long lifespan and is practically entirely recyclable. They are also naturally fatigue-responsive. When applied on a build-up side, steel shots S 460 helps to reduce dust. Due to its lower risk, steel shots S460 is actually more than useful in covering the entire surface. The angular shape and grain sizes of steel shot S640 make it easy to access as well as easily durable. 

Steel shots 1.80 mm, which can be found in a range of shapes and sizes, are spherical grains created by atomizing molten steel. Ferrous alloy material with a maximum carbon content of 0.75 percent, cast steel shots are a ferrous alloy material with a maximum carbon content of 0.75 percent. Solid metal objects called steel castings are created by pouring liquid steel into a small chamber. Many of the same carbon and alloy steels that are used in the creation of wrought metal are also accessible.

Steel Shots S460 price  

The steel shots S460 price set by our company is worth expanding. Steel shots S460 is such a spectacular abrasive medium that it has applications in a wide range of industries. Steel shots - S460 are spherical solid balls of steel that account for the crystalline structure that accounts for better shot blasting machine performance. 

Steel shots S460 for shot blasting has a homogenous structure for the better segregation of all the impurities. Steel shots S460 has maximum fatigue resistance as well as tensile strength. These specifically designed abrasive media makes Steel shots - S460 price more than affordable. This restriction is overcome with steel shots with a diameter of 1.80 mm, which enable complex structures to be built in less time. Cast steel shot is a type of metallic abrasive made by atomizing molten steel. 

Steel Shots S460 in India

Our steel shot S330 is highly accurate. The S330 steel shot is extremely real. This results in the surfaces being modified to meet the needs. The angular moment is taken into account in our steel shot S330. Our steel shot S330 is highly defined in constrained diameters and is more than stated. 

The abrasion resistance of this steel shot S330 used to be exceedingly fine. To remove sand and enhance metal surface preparation, metalworking industries such as ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, mild steel shots, coating, forge shops, and metal fabricators, among others, employ cast steel shots. The least quantity of dust is produced by 1.80 mm steel shot due to the non-abrasive nature of the process.

Steel Shots S460 Advantages 

The abrasive material known as steel shot S330 is spherical and extraordinarily hard in texture for greater workability across all types of metal surfaces. The highest tensile strength and fatigue compatibility may be found in our steel shot S330, an abrasive medium. steel shots - S460 is a premium quality steel shot that helps reduce expenses and consumption. 

Steel shots S460 has a lengthy shelf life and is almost fully recyclable. They also naturally respond to weariness. Steel shots - S460 aids in lowering dust when used on a build-up side. Steel shots S460 is actually more than adequate for covering the entire area due to its decreased risk. Steel shot S640 is both simple to access and simple to maintain because of its angular shape and large grain size.

S460 Steel shots in India 

We provide S460 steel shots, and cast steel cut shots in a range of diameters and grades, including 430, 202, 410, and 304. Among other materials, it is frequently used to prepare the surface of zinc workpieces, stainless steel shots, copper slag, and aluminum workpieces. Cast steel shot has a number of advantages, such as non-rusting, glass beads, and the capacity to reveal the real color of the metal when preparing surfaces. Stainless steel wires of various diameters are used to make stainless steel cut wire shots.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Exactly Is Steel Shot ?

Steel shots is a type of ballistic material used as a projectile in abrasive blast cleaning and shot peening, as well as shotguns and pellet guns. Steel shots in India is a metallic pellet made of an iron-carbon alloy that is bluish-gray in color. They are finished in a variety of ways, allowing for a wide range of corrosion resistance levels.

Are there any special precautions that should be taken while using the Steel Shots ?

The main shooting precaution with steel shot is to avoid shooting at a hard surface because of the risk of ricochet. When reloading with steel shot, never substitute lead for steel. Steel shot generates higher pressures, so it must be loaded with steel shot-specific powders and wads.

What is the hardness and properties of Grade S-170 Steel Shots ?

S170 is a steel shot that is used as a raw material in the production of various industrial abrasives. The hardness of S170 steel shot is greater than 45 HRC, and the density is 7.8g/cm3. It is spherical, without cracks or crevices, contains no impurities, is tough, and has a high cleaning power.

What is the industrial use of steel shot ?

Steel Shots uses in Industry are below: Automotive industry, sandblasters/painters, consumer goods manufacturing, container manufacturing/repair, Cutting granite/stone, shipbuilding and repair, oil and gas pipelines, plant maintenance and metal working.

What is the purpose of steel shots ?

Steel shot is widely used to remove oxidation and rust from steel workpieces prior to painting, and centrifugal photo blasting equipment is frequently used in this process. The steel shot's round ball shape and low hardness cause little wear on the equipment. Steel shot is also commonly used for casting sand cleaning. Because of its durability, steel shot is the best abrasive for surface cleaning when used with the proper equipment.

What is the hs code of steel shots in India ?

The HS code of Steel Shot in India is 72051021.

What are the sizes of Steel Shots ?

Steel Shots sizes in mm are 0.2mm to 1.5 mm and the steel shots grade is S-070(0.20mm), S-110(0.30mm), S-170(0.42mm), S-230(0.60mm), S-280(0.71mm), S-330(0.84mm), S-390(1.00mm), S-460(1.19mm), S-550(1.41mm).

What is steel shot price?

Steel Shot price is ₹ 65 - 85 /Kg. We are one of the best steel shot manufacturer & Steel shot supplier. We are also provide all kind of abrasive media alike steel grit, copper slag, abrasive garnet, high steel shot, and low steel shots in India.