Steel Grit G16

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 /Kg
Material Grade
Steel Grit G-16
Ambica Enterprises
47 - 63 HRC
  • Toughness is a feature of the steel grit G16 that makes it possible to do challenging tasks quickly.
  • When selecting a media type, friability should be taken into account because steel grit G16 affects both the quantity of dust created and the number of times it may be recycled.
  • Because of its high friability from its quartz content, sand cannot be recycled.
  • Many mineral abrasives have a finite number of recycling cycles, in contrast to steel grit G16, which may withstand fracture and be recycled numerous times.
0.12 - 2.00 MM
Packaging Type
Jumbo Bag
Packaging Size
25 kg / 50 kg / 1 Ton
Customized Packaging Yes
Payment Mode Cash
Credit Card
Shipment Mode By Air
By Road
By Cargo
Delivery Time  1-2 weeks from the date of confirmation
of Purchase Order and Advance.
Product Description

Steel grit G16 is one of the most spectacular grades of abrasive media. A superb grade of abrasive media that offers several advantages is steel grit G16. Steel grit edges boost hourly production, which often results in productivity gains of 10–20%. Steel grit G16 is one of the most commonly used abrasive media grades. When steel grit is used, less waste is produced overall, which lowers the cost of transportation. Additionally, there will be fewer licenses and fees needed, which will lower landfill costs. Less labor needs to be managed on-site when it comes to logistics, which lowers expenses. Since steel grit G16 is a dustless medium, it improves eyesight and prevents employees from repeatedly blasting the same surface. Cleaning up is also made simpler by lower dust levels.

Steel Grit G16 Price 

The steel grit G16 price that we have established is both reasonable and more than enough. India's top steel grit suppliers base the cost of their goods on aspects like quality assurance, extra services, and shipping expenses, as well as all essential tests and precautionary measures. When using the steel grit blasting machine process, smaller particles or those with lower G values result in a narrower blast profile on the product, whilst bigger particles or those with higher G values offer a deeper blast profile. Plastic media, steel shots, tungsten powder, aluminum oxide, quartz sand, and bentonite powder are just a few of the things we manufacture.

Steel Grit G16 Manufacturers

We have a leading name amongst all the profound steel grit G16 manufacturers in the industry. We are also the most successful makers of steel grit in India. We are able to produce steel grits at a very low cost due to the predictability of shipping and service costs. Our goods undergo comprehensive national and international testing before being made available. Steel Grit comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to test out different blast profiles and observe the results. This form of grit seems angular because of the way it was created. This grit is effective in eliminating impurities from a variety of surfaces and establishing a final profile for new coatings to adhere to.

Steel Grit G16 Advantages 

Steel grit has a vast scale of advantages. Recycling steel grit has a negligible environmental impact, but most conventional media have the potential to worsen environmental damage. If the proper tools and materials are not employed, blasting may cause environmental issues. The waste and pollutants produced by abrasive minerals include significant amounts of used abrasives combined with paint chips that, if not controlled effectively, can infiltrate rivers and particulate air emissions from sand blasting machine abrasives and paint chips.

Steel grit recycling considerably lowers the amount of dust produced during blasting, which decreases worker exposure to contaminants, improves productivity due to better vision, and This aids in maintaining a constant blast profile. Additionally, when employing steel grit, the noise level may be drastically lowered by adopting a recycling mechanism for the material.

A fairly broad range of uses is available for steel grit G16. The steel grit's toughness makes it possible to complete difficult tasks successfully. Friability should be considered when choosing a media type since steel grit abrasive impacts how much dust is created and how many times it can be recycled. Sand, for instance, cannot be recycled due to its high friability from its quartz concentration. Even while steel grit may endure fracturing and be recycled several times, many mineral abrasives have a limited number of recycling cycles. Steel grit, a type of steel abrasive, is used in the industrial sector to polish, scour, grind, and clean hard surfaces. It may also be used to rub away solid objects.

Steel Grit G16 Supplier

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