Steel Grit G14

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 /Kg
Material Grade
Steel Grit G-14
Ambica Enterprises
47 - 63 HRC
  • The steel grit G14 includes toughness, enabling efficient completion of difficult work.
  • Friability should be considered when choosing a media type because steel grit has an impact on the amount of dust produced and the number of times it may be recycled.
  • Sand, for instance, cannot be recycled due to its high friability from its quartz concentration.
  • Even while steel grit may endure fracturing and be recycled multiple times, many mineral abrasives have a limited number of recycling cycles.
0.12 - 2.00 MM
Packaging Type
Jumbo Bag
Packaging Size
25 kg / 50 kg / 1 Ton
Customized Packaging Yes
Payment Mode Cash
Credit Card
Shipment Mode By Air
By Road
By Cargo
Delivery Time  1-2 weeks from the date of confirmation
of Purchase Order and Advance.
Product Description

G14 Steel Grit

One of the most widely used grades of steel grit in other abrasive media is steel grit G14. With this grade, all the expensive cleaning work that is required is significantly reduced by shot blasting and shot peening. Steel grit breaks down far more slowly after contact than traditional blast media. As a result, less dust and waste are generated throughout the process. Steel grit's amorphous nature, granular surfaces, and angular edges make it possible to remove corrosion and heavy paint coats. Steel grit may convey greater kinetic energy to the surface because of its bulk of 250 pounds per cubic foot.

Steel Grit G14 Price 

Steel grit G14 price set by us is more than affordable. We selected a steel grit pricing that is more than reasonable and satisfying. For every client, every one of our products delivers the greatest outcomes. Almost all of the notable steel grit grades, including steel grit G70, G80, G40, G30, and many more, are offered by us.

Steel Grit G14 Manufacturers

We have a leading name amongst all the profound steel grit G14 manufacturers in the industry. Being a leading steel grit manufacturer we provide Steel grit's better-suited dimensions, form, density, hardness, and friability aid in the first pass's successful cleaning of a surface. This boosts total output and lessens the requirement for repeated blasting. For a repeatable blast pattern, the size of the material being blasted is crucial. Steel grit may be blasted and reinserted into a cleaning and recycling system with the right technology. 

Steel Grit G14 Advantages 

Steel grit G14 is a fantastic grade of the abrasive medium that provides a wide range of benefits. Productivity improvements of 10–20% are usual because steel grit edges increase hourly production. One of the most popular grades of abrasive media is steel grit G14. When steel grit is utilized, less trash is generated overall, resulting in lower transportation costs. Fewer permits and fees will also be required, which will reduce landfill expenses. When it comes to logistics, less labor must be controlled on-site, which reduces costs. Steel grit also enhances vision since it is a dustless medium, preventing workers from repeatedly Abrasive Sand Blasting Machine on the same surface. Reduced dust levels also allow for easier cleanup.

The G14 steel grit incorporates hardness, allowing for the effective execution of challenging work. When selecting a media type, friability should be taken into account since steel grit affects how much dust is produced and how many times it may be reused. For instance, sand cannot be reused because of its great friability resulting from its quartz content. Although steel grit can be recycled several times and can withstand shattering, many mineral abrasives can only be recycled a certain number of times.

Steel Grit G14 Supplier in India

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