Steel Shots S330

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 /Kg
Material Grade
Steel shots S330
Ambica Enterprises
  • The most popular method for cleaning, stripping, and enhancing a metal surface is steel shots S330 blasting.
  • The final finish attained on the metal's surface will depend on the grade or size of the S330 steel shots.
  • The peening action caused by the shot's acceleration gives the steel shots - S330 spherical ball shape a clean, smooth, and polished surface.
  • Steel shots S330 are also used in a peening application to give torque or load-bearing metal parts compressive strength.
0.1 mm - 3.0 mm
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25 kg / 50 kg / 1ton
Customized Packaging Yes
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Delivery Time  1-2 weeks from the date of confirmation
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Product Description

Steel Shots - S330 

Steel shots S330 is an excellent grade steel shot that is effectively used in the reduction of cost as well as reducing consumption. Steel shots S330 have a vast life span, along with this they are almost 100% recyclable along with being fatigue responsive in nature. Steel shots S330 help in reducing the dust after being used on a building upside. Steel shots - S330 is actually more than helpful in reaching all the surface coverage via being risk reduced. 

Steel shots S330 help in cleaning the workpiece more efficiently. Steel shots S330 reduces the expense of most of all the built-up articles used in the procedure of shot blasting. Steel shot has a deep impact on almost all industries in the mainstream Steel shots - S330 is excellent for rust, corrosion, as well as the removal of contamination. 

Steel Shots S330 in India

Steel shots S330 is the abrasive media that is spherical as well as specifically hard in texture for better workability over all kinds of sections of metal surfaces. Our steel shots S330 is abrasive media that has the highest tensile strength as well as fatigue compatibility. Our steel shots S330 are more than precise. 

The steel shots S330 are very precise. This leads to the customization of the surfaces as per the requirements. Our steel shots  S330 account for the angular moment. Our steel shots - S330 is more than asserted as well as well defined in constraint sizes. These steel shots S330 used to have a very fine resistance for abrasive. 

Steel Shots S330 price 

Steel shots S330 price accounts for its multi-diverse applications in various fields. Steel shots S330 is such a specific grade of abrasive media which is so compact as well as easy to draw on the surface that offers great accessibility over all kinds of surfaces. Steel shots - S330 is the grade that has high surface coverage over all the surfaces. 

Carbon content in steel shots 0.85 mm ranges from 0.60 to 1.00 percent. Although this grade of 0.85 mm steel bullets is less ductile than the others, it is harder. They are nearly always hardened and tempered, which improves their resistance to wear and enables them to keep a cutting edge that is razor-sharp. Steel 0.85 mm shots can be used to create knives, hammers, screwdrivers, rope wires, and springs.

Steel Shots S330 Exporters 

We are the leading Steel shots S330 exporter in India. Along with being a Steel shots  S330 exporter we also provide a vast range of other products such as copper slag, steel grit, abrasive garnet as well as portable shot blasting machines, as well as suction blasting cabinet, and many more. Our items are all produced only after they have successfully completed all required national and international testing. In addition to steel shots, we also produce a wide range of items, such as steel grit and aluminum oxide. Almost all of the material that makes up steel bullets is ore, with the iron coming from a blast.

We are among the most well-known exporters of steel shot in Rajasthan. All of our products are inexpensively made in India. This process is similar to the grit blasting machine process. The kind of steel shot used makes a difference, though. Steel shots are used as the abrasive material. It is used to create abrasive materials and is often red-hot. This grit resembles steel grit in appearance. It is an extremely adaptable abrasive.

Steel shots S330 Advantages 

S330 steel shot aids in more effective workpiece cleaning. The cost of the majority of the built-up items used in the shot blasting machine process is reduced by steel shot S330. Steel shots S330 is great for rust, corrosion, as well as the removal of pollution, and it has a significant impact on practically all mainstream sectors. Steel shots S330 used to have a round smooth shape which reduces the cost of being used and can be recycled within 30 to 40 cycles at a time. Steel shots S330 is also eco-friendly, as they are not responsible for the excess spreading of dust as well as other toxic compounds. As well as steel shots S330 is also not responsible for silicosis. Due to its lower risk, steel shots - S330 is actually more than useful in covering the entire surface.

Steel Shots S330 uses

The overall research indicates that steel shots have a very wide and diverse range of uses. Of all the manufacturers of steel shot in India, we are the most well-known. We manufacture steel shots for sale in India at a competitive price, and our group of highly qualified scientists and engineers offers crucial support in the creation of all provided procedures and goods. 

Steel shots for the Abrasive blasting machine process sometimes referred to as sand blasting machine, is the act of applying high pressure to a stream of steel shots to a surface in order to shape, smooth, or roughen it, or remove pollutants from it. A centrifugal wheel or a pressurized fluid, typically compressed air, is used to push the blasting material.

S330 Steel Shots Manufacturer

Steel Shot Supplier is the leading manufacturer of S330 Steel Shots, steel shots S70, Steel grit, copper slag, glass beads, abrasive garnet, quartz sand, plastic abrasive, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, stainless steel shot, mild steel shot abrasive media in India.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Exactly Is Steel Shot ?

Steel shots is a type of ballistic material used as a projectile in abrasive blast cleaning and shot peening, as well as shotguns and pellet guns. Steel shots in India is a metallic pellet made of an iron-carbon alloy that is bluish-gray in color. They are finished in a variety of ways, allowing for a wide range of corrosion resistance levels.

Are there any special precautions that should be taken while using the Steel Shots ?

The main shooting precaution with steel shot is to avoid shooting at a hard surface because of the risk of ricochet. When reloading with steel shot, never substitute lead for steel. Steel shot generates higher pressures, so it must be loaded with steel shot-specific powders and wads.

What is the hardness and properties of Grade S-170 Steel Shots ?

S170 is a steel shot that is used as a raw material in the production of various industrial abrasives. The hardness of S170 steel shot is greater than 45 HRC, and the density is 7.8g/cm3. It is spherical, without cracks or crevices, contains no impurities, is tough, and has a high cleaning power.

What is the industrial use of steel shot ?

Steel Shots uses in Industry are below: Automotive industry, sandblasters/painters, consumer goods manufacturing, container manufacturing/repair, Cutting granite/stone, shipbuilding and repair, oil and gas pipelines, plant maintenance and metal working.

What is the purpose of steel shots ?

Steel shot is widely used to remove oxidation and rust from steel workpieces prior to painting, and centrifugal photo blasting equipment is frequently used in this process. The steel shot's round ball shape and low hardness cause little wear on the equipment. Steel shot is also commonly used for casting sand cleaning. Because of its durability, steel shot is the best abrasive for surface cleaning when used with the proper equipment.

What is the hs code of steel shots in India ?

The HS code of Steel Shot in India is 72051021.

What are the sizes of Steel Shots ?

Steel Shots sizes in mm are 0.2mm to 1.5 mm and the steel shots grade is S-070(0.20mm), S-110(0.30mm), S-170(0.42mm), S-230(0.60mm), S-280(0.71mm), S-330(0.84mm), S-390(1.00mm), S-460(1.19mm), S-550(1.41mm).

What is steel shot price?

Steel Shot price is ₹ 65 - 85 /Kg. We are one of the best steel shot manufacturer & Steel shot supplier. We are also provide all kind of abrasive media alike steel grit, copper slag, abrasive garnet, high steel shot, and low steel shots in India.