Steel Grit G50

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 /Kg
Material Grade
Steel Grit G-50
Ambica Enterprises
47 - 63 HRC
  • Enhancing the surface quality of items made of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
  • Stone, tile, pottery, glass, and wood surfaces can be made to look beautiful and aged.
  • Prior to painting and coating metal components, prepare their surfaces for renovation and building.
0.12 - 2.00 MM
Packaging Type
Jumbo Bag
Packaging Size
25 kg / 50 kg / 1 Ton
Customized Packaging Yes
Payment Mode Cash
Credit Card
Shipment Mode By Air
By Road
By Cargo
Delivery Time  1-2 weeks from the date of confirmation
of Purchase Order and Advance.
Product Description

Steel grit G50 is one of the most spectacular as well as efficient abrasive media used within the abrasive industry. Steel grit G50 is such an amazing grade of abrasive media that offers a very vast range of advantages within the asserted use of fields. Steel grit is a very popular abrasive media that is used to be employed in abrasive blasting procedures such as shot blasting as well as shot peening. Steel grit is such an abrasive it has extremely hard surfaces as well as performs all of our sudden activities in a limited span of time. Steel grit G-50 has a vast range of forms as per the grade such as steel grit G50, steel grit S70, and many more. Out of them, steel grit G50 is one of the most unique grades of abrasive media within the limited grades. Steel grit G50 is such an amazing grade of abrasive media that came into existence after the crushing of accessed steel shots. 

Steel Grit G50 Manufacturers 

We as the steel grit G50 manufacturers are a reputed name amongst all the profound suppliers in the market. As a well-established name amongst all the steel grit G50, we have the utmost set of responsibilities. Along with all the considerable grades of steel grit we also provide a wide set of all the other grades of abrasive media such as copper slag, steel shots, glass beads, abrasive garnet, quartz sand, aluminum oxide, and many more. 

Steel Grit G50 price 

The steel grit G50 price decided by us is super affordable as well as budget-friendly. Steel grit G50 is such an amazing grade of steel abrasive media family that offer a very vast range of advantages within a limited set of time. Being a dignified steel grit manufacturer our price range for almost all grades of steel grit is alike steel grit G50, steel grit G40, steel grit G70, steel grit G80, steel grit G10, steel grit G12, steel grit G14, steel grit G16, steel grit G18, steel grit G20, steel grit G25, steel grit G30 satisfactory as well as appropriate. 

A very remarkable type of abrasive media, steel grit offers a variety of benefits due to its usage within the boundaries of its claimed functionality. In the severe processes of the shot peening machine and abrasive blasting machine, steel grit G50 is one of the abrasive media that is most commonly used. Throughout the entire procedure, appropriate grades of steel grit are abraded under controlled conditions at very high pressure.

Since steel grit is used as an abrasive, it should be more durable than the material being removed. High carbon and high alloy steels are so frequently utilized to make steel grit. Steel grit is often made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion, which may appear on the finished product if regular carbon steel were used.

One of the required grades of steel grit G50 is a particularly ethenic member of the family of steel abrasives. The most commonly employed members of the steel abrasive family in social transformation are steel shots and steel grit.

Steel Grit G50 advantages 

One of the most usable and effective abrasive media used in the abrasive industry is steel grit G50. Within the claimed usage of fields, steel grit G50 is such a fantastic grade of abrasive media that gives a very wide variety of benefits. Steel grit G50 is a highly common abrasive medium that is used in shot blasting machine and shot peening, two types of abrasive blasting. Steel grit G50 is a type of abrasive that does all of our sudden tasks in a short amount of time and has extremely hard surfaces. Steel grit G50 comes in a wide variety of shapes depending on the grade, including steel grit G50, steel grit S70, and many more. 

Steel Grit G50 Supplier in India

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